Fiat 500 L 1971 replica Abarth


For sale this awesome Fiat 500 replica Abarth yellow Ferrari


126 engine with syncro gearbox

Abarth wheels + enlarged tires

Abarth oil cup

Sport exhaust

Electric starter


Cruise speed 100 kmh easy

It got some little imperfection we could fix for you, or if you would you like to fix by yourself. 

The car is now in Rome, Italy, we could arrange delivery in all the EU, including Norway and Uk, with all the export process done for you.

Mini Leyland 1.0 litre
A little mini that needs a little restoration project.
Only two owner until now. The car stars up perfectly and its engine

runs well. With this car you go a long way without problem.

Even if it needs a simple restoration, it is entirley original.


Fiat 600 (1960)'s
This car need a complete restoration project. Its engine runs at first start up without problem, anyway the car need a complete revisiting. Only one owner until now. Other photos are coming soon.


!!! Sold !!!

Volvo 245 Super Polar
Unbelievable Volvo 245 Super Polar, dark gray colour with vinil roof. 2.0 without turbo, petrol and LPG equipment, 5 speed manual transmission. Black leather interiors. This car condition are very amazing, it look like new.
Really, just one word: Amazing !!!




"SOLD" Fiat 600D Fanalona

Gorgeous Fiat 600D third series, Byg eye, also Fanalona called

767cc4 cylinder, water cooled

from 1964, Tan with nut interior.

Body and engine restored in the summer 2017

We have a no words for describe, only suggest to view from live, test and drive.

Ask for info e price.

The car it's dry parked in Nottingham city center.

"SOLD" FIAT 500 (1970)

A spectacular Fiat 500 "L". This car has a matte military look, has a very good body. The critical points of chassis are without rust. The engine has been restored by a professional workshop and goes like a Switzerland watch. Its engine runs at first start up and sings the classical melody of Fiat 500.

This car is a little jewel.




"SOLD" Fiat 500 Giardiniera (1974)
This car has been restored by a professional workshop and so received the

'ASI ORO' label by Automoto storiche Italiane, the major company for certified classical vehicles in Italy. This little car has been sold in Canada. the new Canadian owner has a fun with this crazy car.



"SOLD" Jaguar XJ6


Spectacular white Jaguar XJ40, 3.2 litre with manual gearbox. Luxury classic Jaguar from (1990). This car has got a conservative restoration, body, all brake system, clutch pump, and much more. The sound of six cylinder it’s lovely.


"SOLD" Fast Fiat 500 R

from 1974, engine 700cc new, only 300km distance, changed: Piston + cilynder, cam shaft, the head of engine to race dept. two carburetor dell’orto 40mm, oil cup from abarth, pullyes oversize billed, oversized strap, alternator and electronic reel. Sport exhaust, sport trim and oversize wheels with yokohama tyres.

Very Fast car.

 "SOLD" Alfa Giulia GT 1300

There is no word to describe this Giulia. Is a very good condition, it holds an "ASI ORO" certificate. Its engine is completely remade using only Alfa spare parts.

The interior is in black leather and look like new. It has also original Alfa aftermarket wheels. The engine sound is wonderful. ready for driving.

A real fast Giulia.

Price on request.



"SOLD" Fiat 500 L


light blu, 1970’s, engine 600cc from fiat 500 R, with alternator, tyres and 12”  wheels, front disk brake system. Completely restored from professional workshop in Rome. Ready to go, great Fiat 500.