Piaggio Vespa 125cc (1959)

This model of historic Italian Vespa is entirely original, never re-painted, never restored. By choice, it can be repaired or continue its spectacular life it's an authentic way.





Piaggio Vespa 50cc Special


It's a genuinely original Special 50cc model. Only two owners until now.


It has the original painting by mother Piaggio; it doesn't need restoring or repainting. The engine 50cc starts and runs without problems. It is quiet rare to find a Special 50cc in this condition.




From 1964 this amazing old and motorbike 50cc very RAREly.

Need to little restore, but the engine works well. Original Italian documents are available.


Kawasaky KX 125cc two-stroke engine


Amazing oldtimer Kawasaki KX 125cc 2 stroke  motocross. Sturdy with a low weight. It's completely original by mother Kawasaki.



Honda NSR 125cc two-stroke engine

125cc Honda Nsr. Just a 12.000km in total (really true.). This moto looks like new, unbelievable condition, ultra-rare. No more words to describe it see yourself and realize from your eyes.

Piaggio Ciao

Basically a cycle with the engine. A Piaggio Ciao, from the 1980s.

Classic white colour, 50cc only 3 litres of petrol and go

for many kilometres in the city. A very crazy motorcycle.



Benelli T50 two-stroke engine.

Do you need a little fast motorbike? Get a Benelli T50 two-stroke engine! A speedy motorcycle used in Italy for race class called "regolarità" races. It is very fast, and the sound of the little two-stroke engine is aggressive.



"SOLD" Lambretta special 50cc

A red Lambretta Special 50cc engine from 1965. A crazy Lambretta for a restoration project.

The engine doesn't run, but if you try to start, it's level goes down and up without problems. The engine is not locked. 


The body has a spray painting. The vehicle needs a complete restore, but it is without rust.


"SOLD" Italjet Pack 2 scooter

For your holiday, do you need to a little and fast motorcycle?


The Italjet Pack 2, is a happy and straightforward choice. It enters inside your car or caravan without a problem and doesn't weigh a lot.



"SOLD" Atala Rizzato 50cc two-stroke engine

The Rizzato 50cc from the 1950s. It's a little race motorcycle by Atala Rizzato.


A very rare motorcycle. It's a lovely little Lambretta.



"SOLD" Vespa 125cc

Oldtimer Vespa 125cc four-stroke engine. Modern design, for young people waiting to move quick, around the city. Particular purple colour with this scooter no one passes unnoticed.



"SOLD" Ducati 906 Paso

It's the Ducati motorcycle built with the joint venture with Cagiva.

This moto signed a new era for Ducati and Cagiva.

Named in honor of Renzo Pasolini, an Italian motorcycle pilot died in 1973.


Desmo bicylinder engine, 906cc, it's quiet quick.



"SOLD" Lambretta D 1954

The historic competitor of Vespa. 125cc engine, four-speed manual transmission. The body is well restored to look new from a professional workshop, but unfortunately, the driver doesn't work, must be reviewed.




"SOLD" Lambretta C 1952

The historic competitor of Vespa. 125cc four-speed manual transmission. Restored to look new from a professional workshop


with only original spare parts. The engine starts and runs without problems. It is a pretty old Lambretta.


"SOLD" Cagiva Mito 7 speeds first series

 Mito 7 speeds the first series. Full power, a speedy baby motorbike, two-stroke engine. The sound of this little motorbike engine is fantastic.

A miniature model of Eddy Lowson's Cagiva GP500. Sold to a private French collector.

  • 125cc
  • 7speed
  • 34hp
  • 40 mm Dell'Orto flat valve carburettor injection